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When the name “tree house” is mentioned, most people picture “a house built on a tree”. But Anping Tree House definitely does not fit that description!
The Tree House was formerly an abandoned Taiwan Salt Co. warehouse. After being left alone for many years, banyan trees surrounded and covered it – tree trunks became the pillars and beams, and leaves became its roof tiles. Aerial roots of various lengths and sizes became natural windows and curtains. It is literally impossible to separate the trees and house in this “tree house”.
Tainan City government employed ecological engineering methods to revitalize the tree house. Without destroying the existing structure, suspended boardwalks were designed and built to let visitors feel as if they are birds flying through the intricate maze and enjoying the wonderful view.
Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the hot sun in Tainan? Come take a break in the cool tree house. Don’t miss this popular site when you come to Anping!

※Hours: 8:30-17:30
※Tel: 06-3913901
※Admission (Old Tait & Co. Merchant House and Anping Tree House): NT50/full price,NT25/half price. 20% off for groups of 30+ people.
※Location: No. 108, Gubao St.
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